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  • Sun, 14:28: It's 2:30. It feels like 7:30. This torturous day.
  • Sun, 15:28: It's not an acoustic thing. It's a country thing. And yes, the 7 hour load-in is as unnecessary as I thought. Time for a 4 hour nap.
  • Sun, 16:57: Still 2 hours before doors.
  • Sun, 18:32: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: True Widow (241), Astrobrite (22) & Fleeting Joys (22) #music
  • Sun, 19:22: The Balcony is a good place for naps.
  • Sun, 19:50: Leaning on FOH so hard that the wood is creaking.
  • Sun, 19:52: A WHOLE LOT of country. Hardly any rock and roll.
  • Sun, 21:10: Just got 23GB of free space from DropBox!!
  • Sun, 23:51: Well, I'm lonely, but I ain't that lonely yet.
  • Mon, 00:49: RT @B666S: rt if u got a back scratcher cos nobody gets "I scratch ur back u scratch mine" concept
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