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  • Wed, 15:55: When I walk away from Metropolitan Bakery and actually catch myself thinking, "YAY, COOKIES!!!" #innermonologue
  • Wed, 15:57: My actual inner monolog, left unattended, was super excited about cookies as I daydreamed and walked down the street. #yaycookies
  • Wed, 17:45: When the people at your favorite Vietnamese restaurant won't let you order anything but your "usual."
  • Wed, 17:53: After work tonight I'm going to hop in my car and drive to the Gulf of Mexico because, seriously, f**k this cold weather.
  • Wed, 18:05: Honey, "belting" requires that you sing loud. Belters don't need microphones. That fake throat thing you're doing? Not belting...
  • Wed, 18:12: OMG. WHAT. YOU'RE COVERING A KE$HA SONG. COVERING. A. KE$HA. SONG. #fortheloveofgoodwhy
  • Wed, 18:15: You should probably cover a Milli Vanilli song next.
  • Wed, 18:28: Tonight: a bar-cover-band forked up enough money to play on a stage and the comedian headliner/singer drives a Land Rover. That is all.
  • Wed, 18:28: Yes, I'm being mean. I ate all my cookies.
  • Wed, 19:23: Apparently I'm too busy for any sort of social or romantic life what-so-ever. She'll get tired of waiting. I'll keep being too busy.
  • Wed, 19:25: But it was pretty to think so.
  • Wed, 19:26: No appetite. Dismal mood. This day shaped up nicely.
  • Wed, 19:50: Before dropping a cable on someone's head it is customary to yell, "HEADS!" #yourfirsttime?
  • Wed, 20:58: Oh, good. My console failed in the middle of show, leaving the entire venue in darkness while the band plays. The day keeps getting better.
  • Wed, 21:08: I know it's loud in here, but your breath is rank and I actually inhale it every time you get so close to my face to talk. Just stop.
  • Wed, 21:09: When you can TASTE someone else's nasty breath… because they're *talking* to you.
  • Wed, 22:29: Buttfrustration.
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