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  • Mon, 12:35: RT @kade_ellis: Perhaps government officials should take note that they are not immune from the insanely broad powers granted the FBI. h ...
  • Mon, 12:36: Ugh. Getting sick of constantly free-space-shuffling on my MBA. The thing eats up hard drive space while it's sleeping. I'm not kidding.
  • Mon, 12:53: MFW 4chan is blocking Starbucks' internet. Or Starbucks is DNS-blocking 4chan.
  • Mon, 12:54: Either way, my VPN connection takes care of any silly newb-blocking from either end.
  • Mon, 14:07: @DeathWishCoffee Why are you DMing me links to "just what you're doing inside this film" which require a twitter l/p on a Facebook site?
  • Mon, 17:11: Comcastic: repeating the same actions and expecting different results.
  • Mon, 17:12: Comcastic: Promise a call back, never ever call the customer back.
  • Mon, 17:13: Comcastic: When you don't know what's wrong, buy time by scheduling a technician visit. So he can shrug and say he doesn't know.
  • Mon, 17:13: Comcastic: If there's no solution, use nonsensical, technical-sounding words to make the customer acquiesce.
  • Mon, 17:15: Comcastic: "Oh, have you rebooted the Wankel Rotary Hub? How about the Flux Capacitance Digital Tube Piping? We need to send a technician...
  • Mon, 21:13: Why is it that when I flirt in text I automatically assume the character of a 1960's era scientist in an educational film?
  • Mon, 21:15: John flirting = a Dharma Initiative training film.
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