starless (starless) wrote,

My tweets

  • Sat, 16:15: Do I have to?
  • Sat, 18:02: Blahbity blah.
  • Sat, 18:21: 80s until I violently vomit.
  • Sat, 18:44: The person whistling Christmas carols during our coldest days so far this Fall has a death wish.
  • Sat, 21:18: Watching drunk people try to lip sync to the 80s.
  • Sun, 00:15: I puked neon jellies, slap bracelets, and fuck tabs.
  • Sun, 01:57: To me, hipsters just look like the members of Weezer rolled out of bed, threw on whatever was on the floor, and left the house.
Tags: twitter
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