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  • Thu, 15:16: I was totally ready to do battle w/ Comcast. Asshole John was ready. But then the rep was helpful, gave me free stuff, & reduced my bill.
  • Thu, 15:17: WTG, Comcast, your service rep made up for the broken promises of return calls and service appointments. FIOS will wait until another day...
  • Thu, 18:09: Virtual APs bridged wirelessly, physical APs VPNed remotely. Next step, subnets for LAN ports to mimic similar behavior.
  • Thu, 20:14: CDs, crack, dope, wet, weed, I can get it all at Checkers!
  • Fri, 09:48: Sleep isn't something the world wants me to have this morning.
  • Fri, 10:39: I Face Timed today. For the first time. For work. I feel so current.
  • Fri, 11:32: And I work with That Girl tonight. Haven't seen her since she took off and we moved out. Butthurt expected.
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