starless (starless) wrote,

My tweets

  • Mon, 15:12: Canceled class = naptime in the sun. (@ Ridley Creek State Park)
  • Mon, 18:24: *nix (@ Delaware County Community College w/ 3 others)
  • Mon, 21:02: Breaking Bad is on its last season. And for some reason, AMC decides to spread it over a YEAR!?!? Wow. How anticlimactic. @BreakingBad_AMC
  • Tue, 00:01: First impressions of iOS vs Android Dev: android seems clunky, but easier than iOS, which seems very picky.
  • Tue, 00:02: Disclaimer: I'm still in the kiddy pool with both platforms. I still know next to nothing about both.
  • Tue, 10:40: MFW I hear the roommie making plans to be gone for the day... leaving in 20 mins.
Tags: twitter
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