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  • Wed, 12:37: W/ the state of politics in the US, I cant help but be reminded of A Handmaids Tale & how things came to be in that universe @MargaretAtwood
  • Wed, 12:39: 9/11 was just the public trigger. A terrorist attack on the entire Fed can be a metaphor. As we cheer in the fascists. A Handmaid's Tale.
  • Wed, 12:58: Very handy if being attacked: #campusfail
  • Wed, 13:09: The fact that SSH and VPN are blocked on the campus network...
  • Wed, 16:34: Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm such a loser for not wanting to snort methamphetamine with you. #wtf
  • Wed, 16:36: It's also called having 3 jobs and full-time college. But, you know, to each his own.
  • Wed, 16:46: I suppose that means there's going to be some sort of meth party where I live. How in the hell do I wind up here? I need to sleep elsewhere.
  • Wed, 17:33: Homework, homework, homework.
  • Thu, 09:42: Metal. metalmetalmetal. Co-headliners. You know what that means? I'd like to go play in traffic.
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