starless (starless) wrote,

Stress Pt 2 or: The Festering Incompetence That is Delaware County Community College

Oh, let me add to the list. New and exciting developments in my perpetual battle with the degree mill called Delaware County Community College:

  1. DCCC canceled my student loans. They specifically emailed to ask me if I wanted them to cancel my loans. I replied, "No, I don't want my loans canceled." That was the first sentence, by itself, in a 2 paragraph email which explained why I didn't want them to cancel my loans So they canceled them anyway.

  2. On August 7th I registered for 5 classes. 2 of those classes are WebStudy courses. WebStudy courses are generally available the Friday before school starts. So I checked in today, being excited and all. Oh, but look, there's only one class listed. So I check my detailed schedule. On 8/23 my WebStudy class was switched to a "traditional classroom" course. Without my knowledge. Without my consent.

I mean, why am I giving this sorry excuse for a college ANY of my money? Now the first day of class will arrive, I will have no books (because DCCC canceled my loans) and I'll already be a day behind in my WebStudy course.

I'm so sick of Delaware County Community College. I'm reporting them to the BBB and I'm going to pursue the class action suit that my lawyer-boss is interested in forming. They messed with the wrong returning-adult student this time.


I figured out why I was dropped from the WebStudy class. Due to non-payment. Except that the non-payment is DCCC's fault, as well, since they canceled my loans after I told them not to. So they reinstated me to a different class. That's not going to fly. I can't suddenly spend 2 twelve hour days on campus just because DCCC is full of idiots. So sick of this. So, so, so sick of this.
Tags: roommates, school, shefet, work
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