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  • Mon, 12:52: When I tell you that you're obnoxious and rude every single day, wouldn't there come a time when you would just leave me alone?
  • Mon, 12:53: Or after a month of me complaining, maybe you'd buy your own lighter. You can afford an $800 tattoo, but not a lighter. Keep it.
  • Mon, 13:13: I really don't want to go anywhere near my condo today. AC and That Girl are going to have it out and I just don't want to be around.
  • Mon, 13:13: Not to mention that I WAS on her side in this situation until I found out she was playing money games and putting me in the middle.
  • Mon, 13:20: The average interview with #SWTOR management: "Maybe? Sometimes. Possibly. Some time in a year. 'Fall." F2P, but we don't know" @swtor
  • Mon, 13:24: RT @funcom_tsw: From New York to Tokyo, exciting things are coming to #TSW. Check out the new screenshots revealed at Gamescom! http://t ...
  • Mon, 13:56: His egotistical self-love. @HotMericanMess
  • Mon, 14:57: If my ranting about H2O Wireless only deprives them of $120/month I'll be satisfied. That's counting myself and 1 other person.
  • Mon, 14:57: RT @MargaretAtwood: If women are forced by a state to give birth against their wills, the state should pay for prenatal care and also ta ...
  • Mon, 15:12: Or check it out. Whichever autocorrect decides is more nonsensical.
  • Mon, 15:12: RT @MargaretAtwood: How much of the tax dollar will Mr. Akin commit for Prenatal care, orphanages, counselling... $0? $88K a year, as fo ...
  • Mon, 15:19: Trying to kill 15 minutes at work just so I won't have to move my car again after it's parked at home. #tedious
  • Mon, 15:26: @linalovesit I dunno, what's the weather like over there?
  • Tue, 10:01: So my size 31/34 jeans aren't baggy from wearing them for a year; the new pair I just bought, same size, are way too baggy.
  • Tue, 10:01: I guess I lost some weight.
  • Tue, 10:02: I guess I'm also back to trying on jeans before I buy them. 511, 31/34 has been "it" for 3 years now. Agh.
  • Tue, 10:05: RT @TheOnion: "I am a worthless, moronic sack of shit and an utterly irredeemable human." – Rep. Todd Akin
  • Tue, 11:01: I never had an issue using S3Fox before. Today I installed it on 3 different Firefox installations and it's hanging and crashing. #FML
  • Tue, 11:26: If only Dunkin Donuts could give me a coffee cup that didn't leak all over me every time I take a sip.
  • Tue, 11:38: Mike Huckabee joins Todd Akin in extolling the virtues of rape. Do these idiots even listen to the words they speak?
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