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  • Fri, 12:07: Why would someone ask me to lie about when they clocked-in at work? Just to make sure I jeopardize my job as well as theirs?
  • Fri, 14:46: likes Cyclops Revolution by Monster Magnet on Ping #iTunes
  • Fri, 15:19: Donate? You're carrying an unlabeled bucket and wearing a wife beater. What exactly am I donating to?
  • Fri, 15:56: It's probably not the best idea for me to listen to Future of the Left while driving on interstate highway. #wowaggression
  • Fri, 19:51: Lighting comedy. Haha. (@ The Trocadero Theatre for Anthony Jeselnik and Doogie Horner w/ 13 others)
  • Fri, 19:53: When chili sauce "goes down the wrong pipe"
  • Fri, 20:44: Anthony Jeselnik on stage @ @TheTrocadero. Hilariously dirty and dark.
  • Fri, 21:21: Here come the @anthonyjeselnik Show Stopper jokes.
  • Fri, 22:50: Home early on a Friday night, too exhausted to do anything, so now what do I do instead of waste my free time with sleep?
  • Sat, 00:18: RT @thomaslennon: Isn't 2 years, wrongfully imprisoned like, the most punk thing that could happen to your punk band?
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