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  • Wed, 12:06: How 2 Define Audacity: Cancel a delivery 2 DC because it costs too much, then ask me to "pick something up on my way bk fem Maine" for free.
  • Wed, 12:07: Hellofalotta nerve, these people.
  • Wed, 14:41: I spoke 2 soon: less than 24 hours after an arduous call 2 H2O, I have absolutely no data connection. Avoid H2O Wireless/Locus at all costs.
  • Wed, 14:42: At least I could use the 3G this morning while I was at home. With access to my WiFi. H2O Wireless is a truckload of fail.
  • Wed, 15:12: I'm at World Cafe Live @ Queen Theater (Wilmington, DE)
  • Wed, 16:24: I'm at World Cafe Live @ Queen Theater for Dirty Dozen (Wilmington, DE)
  • Wed, 16:32: A cowbell tambourine is serious business. #Cowmbourine? I don't know, but we need MOAR!!!!
  • Wed, 17:38: 1st of 4 17-hour days and I'm already exhausted. Today is just about half way finished.
  • Wed, 17:44: Oh, honey, you might want to try practicing walking in those 5" cork wedges before actually wearing them out. #WalkLikeANewbornFawn
  • Wed, 18:20: "I think the problem is related to the computers." - Guy demonstrating his technical expertise when diagnosing lag on a Hog 3PC rig.
  • Wed, 21:39: RT @BI_Defense: Gunmen Have Attacked And Entered A Pakistani Air Force Base Thought To House Nuclear Weapons by @mradamtaylor http://t.c ...
  • Wed, 21:44: So, this guy is purportedly from Nawlins. He's asking the crowd: "Anyone from New Or-lee-ans!?!?" Yeah. He's not from Nawlins.
  • Wed, 21:46: Ok, I'm bored. So... something something something over 9000!
  • Wed, 21:46: ::waits::
  • Wed, 21:48: Vegeta-bot? Where are you?
  • Wed, 21:49: RT @SabzBrach: For me, it's not about Assange. I'm sickened by the thought of violating int'l law to forcibly remove an asylum-seeker fr ...
  • Wed, 21:52: I'm saddened that Vegeta-bot is taking over 9000 seconds to answer. Is he dead?
  • Wed, 21:53: “@DBZNappa: @riggah WHAT?! NINE THOUSAND?!” // YES!!!!!!! (and sorry I called you Vegeta.)
  • Wed, 21:54: Are there any other fun things to shout in Twitter?
  • Wed, 21:54: Wankel Rotary Engine!!!!!
  • Wed, 21:55: :::waits:::
  • Wed, 22:00: When she's too drunk to dance in stage without falling flat in her face. And I do mean flat. #techieamusement
  • Wed, 22:21: I really want to thank autocorrect for its inability to correct small prepositions and pronouns. Why have ANY sort of contextual awareness?
  • Wed, 22:22: Microsoft does. Contextual grammar suggestions. Take that, Apple fanboys and fangirls.
  • Wed, 22:29: No, you don't get an encore when you used your entire 90 minute set. Now get off my stage.
  • Thu, 01:00: Oh, how I love Aloe Drink. With Chunks™
  • Thu, 10:43: All of this talk of Nawlins is really making me want to take a road trip.
  • Thu, 10:44: RT @ioerror: Ecuador is imperfect - Sweden is imperfect - the US and the UK are imperfect. Who took steps today to improve things? Ecuad ...
  • Thu, 10:52: Running lights for the Gin Blossoms tonight.
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