starless (starless) wrote,

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  • Wed, 13:31: Ok, Abington, putting drinking fountains IN the restroom is just plain disgusting. And I'm sure a violation of some code somewhere...
  • Wed, 13:32: Unless, of course, you enjoy refreshing yourself with e. coli and urine particles.
  • Wed, 13:37: Trying to kill my entire lunch break by laying in the park... *without* falling asleep.
  • Wed, 14:44: For all those people who believe the myth that "bumblebees don't sting": you're wrong. One just crawled into my shoe and stung me.
  • Thu, 09:50: I'm at House Of Mathematics (Elkins Park, PA)
  • Thu, 09:53: Comedy Bang Bang! tonight @ @TheTrocadero!
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