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  • Mon, 12:08: I'm watching Drones on Netflix as I copy and paste Wikipedia entries about music networks. Drones is a cute movie and my Monday is quiet.
  • Mon, 13:13: Oh. Just realized I'm lighting a Wu-Tang show this week.
  • Mon, 15:04: Chronological. We've got chronological...
  • Mon, 16:07: Dudes road-raging at me while driving on the highway make me laugh. Keep screaming, buddy, the rush our traffic sucks for me, too.
  • Mon, 16:07: This guy tried to pass me on the shoulder as I was hitting on off-ramp. So he decided I was an asshole and followed me.
  • Mon, 16:08: He pulled up next to me at the first stop sign and starts yelling. I say "Oh, go cry about it some more." He wasn't too receptive of my idea
  • Mon, 16:09: At this point I can't tell whether he was trying to jump out of his car or drive away fast. Maybe a combo of both?
  • Mon, 16:09: At any rate, I was smiling and waving goodbye as he tried to figure out the gas pedal/brake/opening door dilemna.
  • Tue, 10:15: MFW when Twitter has changed the nature of "customer support."
  • Tue, 10:15: Or sometimes:
  • Tue, 11:25: Great, so now DCCC wants to charge me for an entire summer worth of courses that I didn't take. Good thing I work for a lawyer.
  • Tue, 11:40: Ok, I'll repeat it again: It is NOT ok to take lunch 1.5 hours after getting to work. If *you* want to get fired, go for it.
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