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  • Wed, 09:52: I intend to do as little as possible, take an extra long lunch at the park, and shortly after leave early for the day.
  • Wed, 09:56: Also, in breaking news: sitting outside of work. Don't want to go in.
  • Wed, 11:08: Verio's control panel takes 81 seconds to email an EPP code, from 1st click to arriving back at the domain list. I have 71 domains to do.
  • Wed, 11:09: And no, Verio can't do it for me, and no, they do not provide a bulk utility for such a process. Verio = suck.
  • Wed, 11:15: Oh. 600+ concurrent connections from a PC that isn't bittorrenting? Maybe, just maybe, your PC is infected and bogging down the network.
  • Wed, 11:18: "I'm bored, lets go to lunch!" // except you just walked in to work 15 minutes ago. #getyourselffired, #imgood
  • Wed, 11:20: And that doesn't mean sit down next 2 me 2 chat when your desk is on the other side of the building. Is this a coop? Are we teenage interns?
  • Wed, 11:44: And then Verio's control panel goes down. 404's. Good thing I completed 10 auth requests out of 71. In 1.5 hours.
  • Wed, 11:48: I just said "it's gonna fill your inbox." And I completely meant the double entendre.
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