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  • Sun, 17:38: Oh my. Hazy.
  • Sun, 17:41: Smile like you mean it. (@ The Trocadero Theatre for The Acacia Strain, Oceano, Chariot, In Fear and Faith and 5 more)
  • Sun, 17:42: Just realized half of the packed 19' trailer was merch. Ticket sales were about 80. Okay.
  • Sun, 18:00: Everyone in the 1st opener has a mustache. A hipster mustachio.
  • Sun, 18:11: mous�ta�chio
  • Sun, 19:50: Phoning it in.
  • Sun, 23:02: Hey, techs, venue owners, and promoters: @TheAcaciaStrain likes to throw full bottles of water at FOH. He seems to think it's funny.
  • Sun, 23:05: My console, Macbook, iPhone, sound board, audio rack, don't seem to think it's as funny as the singer from @TheAcaciaStrain does.
  • Mon, 00:34: Terrified to turn on my Macbook Air. If it's wet inside I could destroy it.
  • Mon, 00:56: It feels so early. Yet, it's 1am. If I change my perspective, however...
  • Mon, 00:56: The day is young! Just born, in fact.
  • Mon, 10:17: New Music Discovery: I Am The Avalanche. Thanks to the MxPx show.
  • Mon, 10:18: I'm feeling very nonchalant about work today. I'll get there when I get there.
  • Mon, 10:20: Oh, and I was thanked for remaining calm after that singer threw a water bottle at FOH. TBH, I thought it was the crowd, not the singer.
  • Mon, 10:21: But then Security informed me that it was actually the singer who threw it. I might not have had a job if I'd known in that moment.
  • Mon, 10:28: I just broke my own rule and commented on a religious post. Shitstorm in 3... 2... 1...
  • Mon, 11:21: t'werk. (@ House Of Mathematics)
  • Mon, 11:23: Another loss from last night: my iPhone cable never made it into my bag. #lickingmywounds
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