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  • Thu, 12:13: Hahaha!! (Meet The Pyro):
  • Thu, 13:36: RT @slinkyyyy_311: I must say...@RepDanGordon talks very interestingly for someone who is supposed to be professional and in politics. S ...
  • Thu, 13:56: "Transcend the brainwashing of time" was the advice given to me for mastering these audio tracks. Yeah. Must be a technical term.
  • Thu, 13:59: I haven't the heart to mention that this vinyl transfer was captured too hot and there's clipping and distortion at the high end.
  • Thu, 14:00: But what do I know? #lawl
  • Thu, 14:01: "Country Swing should be as bumpin' as Hip Hop."
  • Thu, 14:39: Have I mentioned that TomTom for iPhone is an unwieldy piece of garbage?
  • Thu, 16:36: Losing my mind.
  • Thu, 16:37: Do people ever step out of their own shoes to attempt to see *anything* from anyone else's point of view?
  • Thu, 16:50: Looks like I'll be hitting 145 next week. Awesome.
  • Thu, 17:11: Please come home and entertain your girlfriend. I'm sick of playing surrogate without any of the benefits.
  • Fri, 08:13: Ew. Just.... ew. Gross. That's why I shouldn't do that.
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