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  • Sun, 12:08: Ripping my entire YouTube channel since they seem to think that a copyright claim is sacrosanct edict issued by our ViaCom Overloards.
  • Sun, 12:09: I'm ripping all the videos because after uploading I've long since lost my originals. How irresponsible.
  • Sun, 12:26: RT @YourAnonNews: If you have a LinkedIn account, you BETTER have changed your password. And you BETTER not re-use ANY of your passwords ...
  • Sun, 13:07: Shefet called me a nerd because I'm listening to the BSG OST. But… she recognized it without my help. #NERDREVEALED
  • Sun, 14:47: So my Shadow is finally level 50. Now what? #SWTOR
  • Sun, 15:14: PvP, that's what.
  • Sun, 15:23: Sleep, now.
  • Sun, 20:27: #lastfm Artists: Cabaret: The New Broadway Cast Recording (1998 Broadway Revival) (350), The Prids (249) & Liar..
  • Sun, 21:18: Monster or no? Hmm.
  • Mon, 08:35: I don't need an alarm clock, I have the yipping rat-dogs from next door.
  • Mon, 08:59: Time to leave for work and I have the most ridiculous bedhead ever. And I'm not fixing it. #takethatMonday
  • Mon, 09:04: RT @edjeff: "if you like it then you should've put a cog on it" - steampunk beyonce
  • Mon, 09:06: Dog.
  • Mon, 09:59: Ok. The arduous task of turning on the lamps is complete... time for a break.
  • Mon, 10:02: Killing my 21 days of uptime just to boot GParted. Harrumph.
  • Mon, 11:01: Wow. the elf of a photographer has no clue to how to work with others. Sure, take up my whole work area with your doilies. Go for it.
  • Mon, 11:03: John's Guide to Working Well With Others: 1) Don't be an asshole.
  • Mon, 11:46: Anyone playing with Adobe CS6 yet? Specifically AE, PR, EN, ME? Anything to be aware of when upgrading from CS5.5?
  • Mon, 11:56: Two things I never do: wear sandals and shorts to work. I did both today. Along with the bedhead I don't look like a mess at all.
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