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  • Mon, 12:40: "Fast Ethernet." 10/100. How quaint.
  • Mon, 14:03: Shoulda coulda woulda.
  • Mon, 14:19: BetterZip might be a great option for decompressing archives in OS X, but it surely does suck at creating archives. Very, very slow.
  • Mon, 15:16: Is my job to sit and watch you play on YouTube? Audio? eBay? WTF is my job description!?!?!!
  • Mon, 17:30: Because "PECO" should definitely auto correct to "PECORRINO." No part of any of that makes any sense at all.
  • Mon, 19:51: When someone has an excellent argument about an issue, but uses no punctuation. #icantgetdownwiththat #smh
  • Mon, 19:52: That last tweet is probably the first and last time I'll ever use "smh."
  • Tue, 00:04: Tee hee!
  • Tue, 10:45: My luck: I have a day date. I walk outside to move my car (2 hour parking) and it had a flat tire.
  • Tue, 11:21: RT @JimGaffigan: I can’t wait to see what big star Dexter will kill next season. They should rename that show “Murdering with the Stars”.
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