starless (starless) wrote,

Don't say it.

I'm going to stop listing my birthday in online profiles.

Not because I really care if my Facebook wall is full of Happy Birthdays. Mostly because of the false pretense that accompanies one's birthday.

People who couldn't care less suddenly want to talk to you and tell you how special you are by celebrating the day of your birth. Excuse me, but where was your care, interest, and compassion during the other 364 days? Lets not be disingenuous; you didn't care yesterday, lets not pretend to care today.

Bah. Holidays. At least this is the last in the winter clump and now I can move on with my life.


So what're my plans for today? Get on a bus and travel a few hours to the college main campus, pick up my last textbook, and travel a few hours home. Party time.
Tags: anti-social, birthday, don't be disingenuous
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