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Over the last few weeks I've witnessed a sharp, steady decline in my mom's health. She rarely leaves her bed any longer. When she tries it's generally unassisted and she has fallen within minutes. She can't even bring herself to sit upright in the bed. Conversations with her are nearly impossible; she either cannot understand simple sentences or she immediately forgets what was said to her... while still in the conversation.

Her mood has worsened, of course, and that means she's returned to focusing on all her negative thoughts about me. The simultaneous push and pull of wanting to help her, while being accused of everything under the sun is a unique experience to say the least.

She has an MRI scheduled Monday. I hope that it'll she'd some light on what's happening in her brain because neither of us can live this way; she deserves a certain quality of life and I deserve to not feel guilty about everything and everything.

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Tags: 24 hour supervision, cancer, mom, quality of life, via ljapp
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