starless (starless) wrote,

Мои твиты

  • Вт, 13:17: Secret joy: stepped in dog pooh earlier. Cleaned it all off, but relish the thought of this bumping-person on bus rubbing on pooh particles.
  • Вт, 13:29: Invade my personal space? Get pooh particles on you!!!! I think I need a Pooh Stick. #UCB
  • Вт, 16:03: Carnally yours. Biblically.
  • Ср, 00:03: Ooohh, my invite to SWTOR beta!!!!! #swtor
  • Ср, 00:05: The warm afterglow of finishing your coding assignments with plenty of time for sleep.
  • Ср, 10:46: RT @MrsStephenFry: The phrase 'designer vagina' only exists because it rhymes. It's actually just a cunning stunt.
  • Ср, 11:27: Neither of us, uncertainly.
Tags: twitter
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