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  • Sun, 13:31: After a long weekend of shows, I think it's time for a lethargic day of Fallout. Maybe even finally crack open New Vegas. And then homework.
  • Sun, 19:31: Gary, please settle down, this is just going to end badly. #fallout3
  • Sun, 20:14: "Gary! HAHAHA GARY!!" Is it wrong to be giggling while Gary yells "Gary!" and I one-shot Garys with my plasma rifle? #fallout3 #Gary
  • Sun, 20:54: Wow, the spambots are working hard tonight.
  • Sun, 23:13: Remember when flying was luxurious instead of like taking public transit in the sky? #panam
  • Mon, 10:35: All it takes in one person's bad mood to ruin a happy Monday morning. #smiledamnit
  • Mon, 10:53: RT @Buncombian: Look people, in a democracy, dissent is not a crime or even an annoyance. It is essential. #occupywallstreet #nypd
  • Mon, 11:35: "You must have that turned up loud if you can't hear me." Also: I avoid random smalltalk @ busstops. Also, idc what bus you need. Also: stop
  • Mon, 11:36: "I may as well wait for this bus..." Ok. You do that. It *is* a busstop, after all. #stoptalkingtome
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