starless (starless) wrote,

Evolving Stroke

On Sunday afternoon mom had a stroke.

I returned home on Sunday to find her sleeping on the couch. The TV was chattering and there was nothing out of the ordinary about the situation. About an hour later I was getting a cup of coffee and she was awake. She asked where I'd been, I told her, and that was the last thing she said to me that made any sense at all. After that point she was switching between spanish and english, but her words in either language were incomprehensible. I immediately started badgering her with tests; squeezing my fingers with both hands, lifting her limbs in front of her and holding them there, asking her the date, etc. Throughout all of this experience I learned a few things from the neurologists, I suppose. Everything seemed fine except for the speech.

She wasn't getting better, so we took her to Chester County Hospital, who after five hours, couldn't seem to figure out the problem. They transfered her to the HUP (Hospital of University of Pennsylvania) Sunday evening. Early Monday afternoon they found that she'd had a stroke. That she has an Evolving Stroke, which I understood meant that it wasn't finished bleeding or doing its damage.


I missed class yesterday and I'm headed to the hospital shortly.

Tags: #fuckcancer, cancer, danielle, family, fuck cancer, hospital, mom, stroke
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