starless (starless) wrote,

School, Equipment, and Starting My Own

Today I start my college classes. I'm excited, although I still need to go to main campus to get my photo ID and pick up my books. And then I'll return home to start studying, hopefully, because both courses are a semester worth if work in about five weeks of time.

After being out of high school for so long I'm a little worried that "getting back into the groove" is going to be a little difficult.

In other news, I've secured the startup money that I needed to buy equipment for the film transfer business I'd like to run from my home. I already ordered the parts for a killer editing workstation which will arrive toward the end of the week. I found a Canon GL2 camera which should be adequate for 8MM transfers and I'll be picking that up on Friday. Now all I need to do is hunt for a few 8MM projectors. And that's not an issue because they're easily found at garage sales and flea markets for little cost at all.

So, I start school this week and, with any luck, will start transferring film next week.

I just hope I'm bot biting off more than I can chew, but then again... I like doing that.


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Tags: college, dccc, film, film transfer, school, small business, via ljapp, working for myself
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