starless (starless) wrote,

Mom's Home, IATSE, and Other News.

Mom's home. Tio and I picked her up from the hospital yesterday and she seems to be doing well, if not still a little bit "out of it." Actually, she's a lot out of it, but it's all due to painkillers and medications. I'm glad she's home, although since my uncle went home it's just her and me and I'm back to having no freedom to leave the house.

DCCC finally approved my financial aid after two tersely-worded emails. So I'm going to register for an online class and hopefully for the Developmental Math course that I need to complete before I can start actually working on my programming major. The Math Dev class isn't available online so that requires figuring out the transportation issue. I have time to figure that out, though, because the registration deadline is June 29th.

IATSE Local 8 has been calling. I didn't know because they were calling on the house phone; apparently they liked my resume because they want me to work this weekend. It's for an outdoor show, which is awesome because I'd love to do those all summer. The problem is that Danielle isn't coming home until Saturday and after mom's fall and subsequent laying on the floor until 10AM while I was home I'm very, very hesitant to leave her home alone. I'll have to call the guy to see what the actual situation is. But it looks like I'm on the road to joining IATSE and that is excellent.

I finally received a commitment from Garrett, which means I also still work for AVP Nationwide. I only asked for one show per month, but my day rate for them is very good. I'll be paid very well. In case you don't remember (or I was absent during those years) this is the company that does the salon trade shows. So I'll be doing more hair shows all over the country (and even Guadalajara). And I won't have to move to South Carolina this time.

They say that when it rains it pours and I guess I've paid off a little of my karmic debt because this summer might not be as terrible as I'd thought.

Tags: avp, cancer, danielle, dccc, employment, garrett, iatse, miguel, mom, school, tio david, work
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