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  • Fri, 16:31: What a nice day for a mow. On the playlist: The Racontuers, The Dead Weather, Eagles of Death Metal, QotSA, & Them Crooked Bastards.
  • Fri, 16:43: Oh, how embarrassing. Them Crooked Vultures. I must've been thinking about Inglorious Basterds, from last night.
  • Fri, 17:18: RT @LisaLampanelli: Amy Winehouse warned by doctors to quit drinking. Her liver is so wrinkled & bloated Schwarzenegger tried to have a ...
  • Fri, 21:53: Why are The Kinks so underrated? When someone asks me Rolling Stones or Beatles, I say, "The Kinks." #iTunes
  • Sat, 00:30: If only I could, bruthah. RT @lightingfox: Doing the lights, come up and say hi! (@ The Mod Club Theatre w/ 8 others)
  • Sat, 00:31: Also, The Kinks. Just because I'm addicted to Village Green atm. RT @amandapalmer: INXS. that's all. not funny. just awesome. #LOFNOTC
  • Sat, 00:33: RT @neiltyson: Astronomical Wealth - A quarter lying in the street is to the average person in America what $65,000 is to Bill Gates.
  • Sat, 00:37: Feel the same way about Bob; if properly whiskeyed, tears. RT @Lizziegreeneyes: Jacob Dylan in any & all forms makes my heart skip beats...
  • Sat, 01:39: I am watching The Killing w/27 others @GetGlue #TheKilling
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