starless (starless) wrote,

Yes, no? Your baby boy or a scumbag? Decide, woman.

Of course, she never said the things she said. Never threatened me. Never invited me back in the first place.

All because I mentioned that I can't do anything because she won't let me. I can't read, play a video game, surf the web, or do anything which keeps my attention off of her for five minutes or she interrupts with a "need." Like asking for a cup of tea and then not taking a sip of it. Like saying the house needs vacuumed again when it was done two days previously. And it goes on and on.

Why haven't I been in WoW? Why don't I post any more? Why can't I read any books? Because, apparently being nauseous equates to 100%, 24 hour servitude from your son. My average time in game lately? Five minutes. Average time in my room, spending time alone? Ten minutes.

And all this is a backdrop to always being told I'm in a bad mood, being called a liar when I give her Meds, called a bullshitter and deceitful, etc, etc. I can't do this. Why would I do it? I've been snuffed out and replaced with a robot meant to do her bidding.

So, I'll sit here on the couch, at the ready. Funny how she doesn't ask for anything if I sit here idle. But put a computer in my lap or a book in hand and suddenly she won't leave me alone. So, I sit. A servant waiting to jump into action. And now I stare into space.

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Tags: cancer, care-giving, kicked out, mom, via ljapp
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