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  • Sat, 16:32: If you go looking for hot water don't be surprised when you get burned a little bit...
  • Sat, 17:17: Tecate is the word of the night here at Piazza Pizza. Own it. Estoy segundo.
  • Sat, 17:18: RT @iyad_elbaghdadi: So let's get this straight. According to Gaddafi, he was at war with Alqaeda, for the protection of Europe and Isra ...
  • Sat, 22:07: And another adventure begins; this time to #Coatesville!!
  • Sat, 22:30: RT @neilhimself: Off to look at the Super Perigee moon in a minute. It's definitely going to be blinking on and off and shooting laser b ...
  • Sat, 22:37: #Coatesville manners: "Hi, Nate, this is my friend John" Nate: "Whatever." Yeah, I feel the same way, but fuck you, too.
  • Sun, 10:44: RT @youssefsan: @iyad_elbaghdadi your explanation about baseball makes clearer the alliance between Al Qaeda and the crusaders. @LibyanS ...
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