starless (starless) wrote,

Piazza Pizza

When I got the job at the pizza place the owner and I agreed to $90/day. It was enough for me. We shook hands and I thought he was a man.

I still haven't been paid. Starting last Tuesday he started promising to give me "some money." Tuesday is pay day. Last night was the last time I accepted his lies. Today I called to tell him that I'm not coming to work unless he pays me. He never called me back.

So, he owes me $810, I have no money left, and I have no legal recourse since it was under-the-table.

But that's what I get for trusting people. I mean, look at the results of trusting people since I left Toronto...

Stupid, stupid mistakes. Just stupid.

Oh, BTW:

Piazza Pizza
401 West Uwchlan Ave, Downingtown, PA 19335
(610) 269-6678

His name is Antonio. He's a coked-out, man-child, who likes to steal from his employees. Oh, and you should never eat there. I'm surprised the place is still in operation after the atrocious food handling procedures (or lack thereof) I witnessed. You know how long the raw chicken sat out before being cooked last night? Two hours. And then it was cooked on the same grill with the same spatulas that were used for the hamburgers and other prepared food.

Tags: antonio, cocaine, piazza pizza, ripped-off, robbed
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