starless (starless) wrote,

Line Cook, IT Consultant, Live Production Tech?

So, the job is going well. I'm actually getting a day rate rather then an hourly wage; I think that's funny because as a freelance tech I usually charge by the day. Before our dinner rush today Antonio (the owner) invited me to sit down for dinner with his brother and cousins in the dining room. I guess they like me and my broken Spanish. The other new guy wasn't invited to our dinner.

I also have an interview on Monday for and IT Consultant position. The funny thing is that they called me based on my cover letter, not my resume. My resume only details my live A/V production work and digital video editing; the only thing about IT is in a small blurb under "interests." The guy who called me says that he only called me at that point in time. I'm going to have to save that cover letter as a template, I think. I do have a lot of hands-on IT experience, but no formal education. Is my passion for all things Geek going to finally pay-off?

I'm having a little argument with myself over this; I know that Antonio is a good guy to work for and that he repays loyalty with more loyalty; a couple of the people there have been with him for seven or eight years, through a few different restaurants. I know; I just have to wait and see. I don't even know if I'll be offered the IT job, but I want it. I'll be working nine to five with benefits, weekends off. And I'll be playing with OS X and Windows. And iOS. It's obviously a far better job than at Piazza Pizza, and I should be taking care of myself and my future, but wouldn't I be doing just that if I work for Antonio?

I've also been in touch with Garrett, and while I'm not sure if he wants me on his crew again, there's a good chance I could go on tour if I want it. More hair shows? It was fun, but I'd burnt out on it a few years ago. It's good money, as well. Over a thousand dollars for six days of work is really nothing to disregard.

Oh, and wanklerotary.
Tags: cooking, garrett, it, mom, production, tech work
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