starless (starless) wrote,

Thanksgiving, Books, and UPenn

Last night I had a good time. Squeezed into my dad's tiny apartment was my great aunt Stella, my aunt Patty, and Linda (my dad's girlfriend/companion/traveling buddy... person). Dad had roasted a turkey and it was Thanksgiving in February. I also scored a book published in 1913; I shared the cover in a previous post. It's mostly full of ads, but it contains many pictures of Lancaster, Philadelphia, Allentown, etc. I'll be scanning or photographing a lot of that book so stay tuned.


Today I'm accompanying mom to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. It'll be the first time I'll be meeting some of her specialists and her oncologist. I think we'll be spending most of our day in Philadelphia, and I might actually meet my sister's boyfriend for the first time.
Tags: antique books, cancer, dad, danielle, hup, jeff, linda, mom, patty, stella, thanksgiving
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