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Almost Finished

As of 8pm I'm proclaiming the packing is finished. I've got two small boxes waiting to be mailed to Pennsylvania in the morning, and a larger, lighter box of clothes that I want to keep. I'll leave that box at THM; it's all winter clothes, so if I can't return to Toronto, I'll need it mailed so that I have clothes to wear that aren't so suited for Los Angeles and its forecasted 18C days for the duration of my visit.

That's right. I think I may have taunted you with it before, but it'll be in the 60's for almost the entire time I'm in Cali. And if it isn't... well, it can't get anywhere near as cold as the weather here in TO.

So I'm looking around my apartment with a sense of detachment. The things I'm leaving here (which isn't much, admittedly, I've been trying to live a life without material, without clutter) are all replaceable. The little furniture I have... replaceable. The pots and pans? Odds and ends? All just things that weigh on me. Hang off of me. Some of the things, like our mattress thrown on the floor, our bed: the only real value is sentimental. And does that value really follow an object? I'll hold those memories as long as my mind is able and I won't need some sort of clugeon like a mattress as a reminder. And what happens when I change the sheets?

Just a touch of introspection as I look around at what I've collected in my life here. Two years and this is my reality. And now I get to experience a singularly unique context: walking away from my material possessions with the knowledge that I may just be walking away. I wonder what it'll be like to walk into this place at the end of January... will it still be a hurried snapshot of my prioritizing and packing? Will it look like I just stepped out for a moment? If you didn't know any better, would you peer inside and then wait on my step, smoking a cigarette to pass the time until I return from a little trip to the corner store?

  • Drop off box at THM, pick up pay check

  • Mail box to Pennsylvania

  • Buy "travel sized" life.

  • Do a tiny bit of Christmas shopping (probably online, no time for malls this weekend)

  • Pack box to leave at THM x1

  • Pack box to mail to Pennsylvania x2

  • Buy new suitcase/travel bag

  • Laundry!

  • Try not to lose my mind at work while working obnoxious hours and thinking about everything I have to do in the little bit of time I'm not at work.
  • Buy "travel sized" everything.

  • Get something for Faith for her birthday

  • Prioritize scant belongings into categories: Trash, Mail, Goodwill

  • Climb the CN Tower, take some photos of the cityscape

  • Spend a day at the R.O.M. (Royal Ontario Museum)

  • Visit the Bata Shoe Museum (Say what you'd like, I like shoes)

Tags: california, defined by possessions, faith, gone, illegal alien, leaving, leaving toronto, moving, packing, residence, to-do list, toronto, vacation
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