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Continuing The List


So far today: laundry, shopped for and purchased a rolling bag (so I don't need to check any luggage), packed a box, bought new jeans, and looked for a book to take on the plane. No luck with the book. Indigo leaves something to be desired almost every time I walk out of that store. Maybe the Yorkdale location only carries new releases, standards, and best-sellers, but even the larger locations don't seem to have a very deep catalog. I'm sorry, Indigo, but most of the time when I buy a book it wasn't released in the last month or so; I'm sure I'm not the only reader who feels this way.

So, I'm taking a little break; then I'll cook a nice dinner to get rid of anything that's not frozen. After that, massive clothing pruning/packing followed by a trip to the Studio to drop off a box or two. Or maybe that'll wait until the morning because I'm rapidly losing steam.

  • Pack box to leave at THM x1

  • Pack box to mail to Pennsylvania x1

  • Drop off box at THM, pick up pay check

  • Mail box to Pennsylvania

  • Buy "travel sized" life.

  • Do a tiny bit of Christmas shopping (probably online, no time for malls this weekend)

  • Buy new suitcase/travel bag

  • Laundry!

  • Try not to lose my mind at work while working obnoxious hours and thinking about everything I have to do in the little bit of time I'm not at work.
  • Buy "travel sized" everything.

  • Get something for Faith for her birthday

  • Prioritize scant belongings into categories: Trash, Mail, Goodwill

  • Climb the CN Tower, take some photos of the cityscape

  • Spend a day at the R.O.M. (Royal Ontario Museum)

  • Visit the Bata Shoe Museum (Say what you'd like, I like shoes)
Tags: california, faith, illegal alien, leaving, leaving toronto, moving, packing, residence, to-do list, toronto, vacation
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