starless (starless) wrote,

Frantically attempting to remain calm...

One day off between now and my flight. Ok, well, I have two days off, but I plan to actually sleep at some point. And I'm also not counting on keeping both of those days. either.

  • Prioritize scant belongings into categories: Trash, Mail, Goodwill

  • Mail boxes

  • Buy new suitcase/travel bag

  • Do a tiny bit of Christmas shopping (probably online, no time for malls this weekend

  • Try not to lose my mind at work while working obnoxious hours and thinking about everything I have to do in the little bit of time I'm not at work.
  • Climb the CN Tower, take some photos of the cityscape

  • Spend a day at the R.O.M. (Royal Ontario Museum)

  • Visit the Bata Shoe Museum (Say what you'd like, I like shoes)

Tags: california, flying, moving, packing, prioritizing, to-do list, vacation
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