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I can't believe how nice it is today; I'm sitting outside the laundromat in a t-shirt, enjoying the sun while I accomplish this one errand before heading downtown to do some shopping. And what a great day for it; I'd been disappointed all week because of all the extra time I spent in the studio, but now I'm glad everything was postponed until today.

"I need the sunlight to keep me above these moderations..."

It's true. I need sunshine. I need to close my eyes and feel the warmth. It keeps me "even." It keeps me from the vices that always seem to take over during the dark, winter months.

And while on the topic: I have to take a vacation this year. I need to get away from the cold and the grey. I can't even remember the last time I took a planned vacation. So, while I keep postponing and procrastinating, I need to talk to Alex and Jean about Christmas this year. I can go to L.A. with Rachel for a week and the plane ticket is free. It may have cost her one dollar. The only expenses I'll have are a bus ticket to Philly and spending money in Cali. And maybe a little cash just in case I have issues getting back to Canada and I need to cross the border in Manitoba or something. I've got to do it. I deserve it and I've definitely earned some "John Time" over the last few months, if not years.

And if I can't get away from work, maybe this is a good time to sew up my time in Toronto and just move back to Philly... Before moving to Cali permanently this Spring.

I do love it here, but I have more options and opportunities back in The States. And family. And slightly more friends.

So. Let's hurry this laundry along so I can get downtown to have a little fun.

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