starless (starless) wrote,

Deerhunter Set List

So, because I said I would, here's the set list for Deerhunter at The Opera House on October 10, 2010.

1 Desire Lines
2 Hazel St.
3 Don't Cry
4 (not sure about this; I think it was just an extended noise jam at the end of Don't Cry)
5 Revival
6 Never Stops
7 Little Kids
8 Memory Boy
9 Rainwater Cassette Exchange (alternate version)
10 Fountain Stairs
11 Nothing Ever Happened
12 (I think they played Earthquake here, but it was a slow, pulsing noise drone, so I'm not quite sure)
13 Helicopter
14 He Would've Laughed

1 Cover Me (slowly)
2 Agoraphobia
3 Spring Hall Convert
4 Wash Off

The encore couldn't have been more perfect. It was just one continuous flow and... Deerhunter.... I love you.

The alternate take on Rainwater Cassette Exchange was very good, too; it sounded more like a 60's pop jam drenched in acid, but then again, that's Deerhunter. So, make that playlist and pretend you were there, like I've been doing on repeat since the night before last.
Tags: deerhunter, set list, setlist
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