starless (starless) wrote,

Coffee, Tea, Fruit Over Lunch

I just got back from John Vince Foods. I went over my lunch break; it's only a couple blocks away and they have a salad bar. For a long time they only had dried bulk foods: cereal, nuts, candy, etc. I'm not sure when they started, but they have fresh fruit and vegetables, too.

The produce prices are competitive with the chains around Toronto. I'm pretty stoked about being able to buy any fresh fruit that I want over lunch.

They also have a pretty nice selection of coffee and tea; I found Stash tea for about $2 cheaper than usual and the Kicking Horse Coffee that I love for a few bucks less, as well.

And I'm definitely happy that I can do some shopping over lunch, too. I just did all of my fruit/vegetable/snack shopping during the lunch break I never take!

PS: IMHO, "organic" trail mix shouldn't contain any "crystalized" anything. Just a hint, John Vince. Soaked in sugar, then dried, then soaked in more sugar... not quite sure that fits my definition. And please... crystalized ginger? I like ginger. But when I'm munching on almonds, raisins, dried apples... BAM GINGER is not what I expect.
Tags: eating habits, food, fruit, healthy eating, vegetables
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