starless (starless) wrote,

Blizzard, WoW, R.I.P.

Blizzard, what have you done to my WoW? I mean, seriously, does it have to be a glorified arcade game? Do you have to simplify, nerf, and "dumb it down" with every single content patch or expansion?

Remember what SOE did to Star Wars Galaxies? They destroyed it, that's what they did. They destroyed a great game in an effort to make it more like World of Warcraft. In other words, they took a complex system and tried to make it "simple" as World of Warcraft was. They took a franchise which shouldn't be able to lose (it's Star Wars; you can shovel shit to fans like myself as long as it says Jedi on it and we'll eat it up), tried to emulate WoW, and killed it.

What was I confronted with when I logged on after yesterday's pre-Cataclysm functionality patch? A giant, toy like wizard to help me pick my talents, which are less than half of what they used to be.

Thanks. No thanks. I doubt I'm going to continue this little resurgence of WoWing. I'm tired of Blizzard "dumbing-down" my game. I'll give it a closer look tonight, but I think I'm over WoW.
Tags: cataclysm, glorified arcade game, nerf, simplify, world of warcraft, wow
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