starless (starless) wrote,

So.... I've quit?

Here I am at the beginning of Day 4, wondering when this is going to become difficult.

The process was torturous when I quit smoking a few years ago. I had been placed under the impression that the second attempt was going to be worse by magnitudes. Everyone I talked to said that if I slipped back into smoking, I'd probably never quit again.

I've barely been craving cigarettes at all. I bought a bag of dark chocolate covered peanuts 2 days ago to help with the oral fixation; I've barely touched the bag.

Granted, the first time I quit was after 15 years of a pack-a-day habit; but I just really expected this to be a little rougher than it is.

So I guess I'm doing alright. I haven't had a cigarette since arriving at work on Tuesday morning.
Tags: cigarettes, smoking, smoking cessation
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