starless (starless) wrote,

Thank You.

One last thing:

I'm over you. I was over you a month ago, but I held on because I said I would. Because you chose to make me believe there was a chance. Yes, in the mean time I was talking to someone. She seemed to like me and I liked the idea of thinking about someone other than you.

Truth be told, I'm happier now than I was for a year and a half while I was with you. You left and within 2 weeks my life was 200% better. I'm not looking back, and honestly, I stopped pining for a future when we could "get back together" quite a while ago. I'm happier, my life is better, and I'm not depressed all the time. Thank you for leaving; I'd still be wallowing in misery otherwise.

Why? Because you treat me as bad as a friend as you did when I was your lover. Honestly, I don't have to put up with your rage any more. I don't have to put up with your verbal abuse. And I'll find someone who won't cheat on me. Who won't lie to me. Who won't be actively pursuing other guys for almost the entire time we were together. And I could make a very long list of other things "she won't do," but it's a pointless and superfluous list; someone who actually loves me won't do things that even appear on that list.

And the conversation we just had confirmed all of what I was already thinking: I'm better off without you in my life.

You're angry? You're accusing me of being a sketchbag? Because I was talking to someone? You haven't been honest with me from the start about what was really going on. Grow some balls? Man up? You fucking waited until I was at work, packed your shit, left a note, and refused to even talk to me about it. We haven't seen each other since. Talk about cowardice. Talk about lack of respect for the intimate year and a half we had just spent together. Talk about feeling like a piece of garbage you left in the apartment, just like the rest of the garbage you left.

And then you tell me that I never knew you and I never will.
Right and right.

And then you tell me that I'm a "35 year old piece of shit who's never going anywhere."
Wrong. But you'll never know that, will you?

You chewed me up, spit me out, and threw me away like garbage. Now you seem to only want to talk to me so that you can lash out and verbally abuse me like you used to. Somehow, in all this, you've made yourself into a victim who has the right to be angry at me for... what? Giving your Deerhunter ticket to someone else? Talking to another girl after you made it so incredibly clear that you didn't want me any more? For flattering yourself into thinking that I've been reading your FB? All I did was mention the timeline in which I thought you and Brennan happened; you're the one who responded with "have you been reading my Facebook?"
Tags: break ups, faith, goodbye
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