starless (starless) wrote,

MartyParty, Glitch Mob, and Speak & Spell

I ended up getting to The Mod Club around 10:30. A broken down streetcar caused much walking between Spadina and Crawford, but it was a nice night and all the girls were out in their nice dresses and shoes, so the walk wasn't without its sights.

MartyParty opened; he was starting his set just as I got into the booth. He's a dirty dubstep DJ, and it was loads of fun tweaking with Karen and playing with his base. Funfunfun. The Glitch Mob headlined, and they're a 3 piece electro-sounding outfit with just ridiculous base. They sounded great and I liked the 4 or 5 songs I heard. Too bad it's boring to watch them frantically tap their touch screens to make the effects and play samples and loops. It just reminded me of doing the same thing to my Speak & Spell or something when I was a kid and it made me giggle at them a little. Almost like Devo, in black, turbo tapping buttons on old analog instruments to make Kraftwerk sounding tunes.

This is some nice kush.

Anyway, Glitch Mob had their own sound guy, so Karen and I were just standing there for a bit; and since the TD (their boss... much warning has been given to me) was around and "in one of his moods" she thought it best if I didn't wait around to help strike because it would give Dudeface an opportunity to pick on me. Or something along those lines. So, I grabbed a shawarma, hopped on the bus, and got home around 2am, which is nicer than 4 or 5. Now I'm listening to some Autolux, having some tea, and I'm about to pass out.

Oh, and I've been smiling since I left.
Tags: audio, devo, fox, karen, mark, martyparty, running sound, shawarma, speak & spell, tech work, the glitch mob, the mod club
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