starless (starless) wrote,

Does It Offend You, Yeah?, No Plans, Upcoming Shows

Tonight Does It Offend You, Yeah? is playing at The Mod Club. I'm hoping the_shard can get me on the list. And who knows, maybe if I'm there enjoying some dirty electro goodness Karen will leave early and let me babysit the board again.

This weekend is looking fairly bland even with the extra day off. I'm not sure what I'm going to do besides my vague, uncomfirmed plans for tonight. Maybe I'll just work a lot since I'm soon going to be needing a new winter wardrobe very soon.

Other bands coming soon: Shonen Knife, !!!, Foals, Swans, Liars, and I'm sure there are more, but I had to stop researching... I am at work, after all.
Tags: !!!, bands, concerts, does it offend you, foals, fox, liars, live shows, music, shonen knife, swans, the mod club, work, yeah?
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