starless (starless) wrote,

Apple, Fruit, and Diets

Apple's Key Note event was really awesome until people started watching it and the lag made it impossible to view. Way to go, Apple, and way to stop showing off the Quicktime controls on screen as soon as the lag started.

There looks to be some interesting things on the horizon; I can tell by the video-turned-slideshow no matter what site I attempt to watch from (even on Apple's site which requires Snow Leopard and Safari 4 or 5).

Ping sounds interesting; it's a music-based social network built into iTunes 10. I've been on Last.FM for 4 years, though... I wonder if Ping will even compare to it.

Oh well. It's a hot day. I think I might go downtown after work today just for something to do. Maybe I'll wander around a bit and stake out the store I'll be buying my boots from in about a week. At any rate, it seems like a good day for people watching.

Also: I love the fact that my super skinny jeans fit me again... and they're not even that tight. I guess break-up diets (read: not eating anything for about a week) aren't all that bad. My secret? After I lost about 10-15 pounds I started on a smoothy for lunch, sensible meal for dinner. And I don't allow myself to eat dinner after 8 or 9pm, either. Also, for snacks: fruit. So, now I'm at my ideal body weight for my height, and after about 3 weeks of this new "diet" (read: better eating habits) I don't seem to be losing or gaining. I'm not an expert when it comes to food and nutrition, but I think weight-equilibrium is the goal, right? No yo-yo for me, thanks.
Tags: apple, diet, dieting, downtown, eating habits, food, itunes, keynote, people watching, ping
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