starless (starless) wrote,

Shoegaze and Drone

The Autolux/This Will Destroy You show last night at Lee's Palace was incredible.

I discovered that Lee's was just a short bus trip from my apartment, so although doors opened at 8, I didn't leave until around 8:30. It's about 2 blocks from Bathurst Station and I walked in, got my stamp, grabbed a tshirt and Autolux's latest CD, found a spot to stand, and This Will Destroy You walked on stage and started playing. Nice, perfect timing. TWDY is just an amazing band. I was expecting something like Explosions in the Sky because they bear the "post rock instrumental" label, but they were nothing short of awesome. Songs started slow, in the typical Explosions way, but their drone takes over pretty quickly and builds into a massive sound in no time. If I had to call it something I'd say it's instrumental shoegaze drone. Good stuff. If you ever have a chance to see them, take it.

Between acts I snuck outside for a little walk around the block, and when I came back in Autolux was almost finished setting up.

Autolux started and although I'd never seen them live, I already knew I was going to fall in love with them. I was right because before the first song came close to ending I already knew I had I new obsession. Not only are the tracks from their new album catchy and very "autolux," they're showing more of their influences. During the show I heard the Cranes, Slowdive, the Beatles, Radiohead, Velvet Underground; maybe just a riff here or a beat there, but it's great to see a band's interpretation and remolding of influential styles and taking posession. Making it Autolux. So, needless to say, I'm in love.

Transit Transit is a great album; standout tracks for me are: Census, Supertoys, Headless Sky... and of course the list is growing.
Tags: autolux, concert, lee's palace, live shows, this will destroy you
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