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This morning feels like the start to a nice, lazy Sunday, but since I'm expected at work that really isn't the case.

Can't you hear me? Can't you hear me callin' your name, girl?
In the morning, when I'm standing in the red, red rain, girl.

So, I thought I'd make a little list of things I need or want to do in the next week or two.

  • Buy new sheets

  • Buy new shoes

  • Buy new boots

  • Get my G1 license (read: Canadian photo ID)

  • Get my "13" tattoo which just needs scheduled

  • Get a small table for the end of the counter so the toaster oven isn't my wallet/key holder any longer

  • Get a table/counter for next to the fridge

  • Get 2 stools for table/counter next to fridge

That should do it for a little while. I'm still on a fairly tight budget, but little things like this will feel productive... while actually being productive. I can't wait to schedule my appointment for the tattoo. I finally got in touch with someone at Yonge Street Tattoos who took a little time to see whether Evie had finished the design; she did finish it. I just need to stop in, take a look at it, and if I like it, schedule a date. I hope it's next week.

And then I'll start planning my next one.

I suppose I should start getting ready for work...
Tags: 13, furniture, improvement, keeping busy, license, photo id, tattoo, yonge street tattoos
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