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Such things are

It's been a while, I know. Famous opening statement on this blog, for sure.

I don't know where to begin, and as I try to find a place to start, I recognize the daunting task of describing what is happening with Faith.

But, since it's so daunting, I'll just segway from Faith to Gnosticism.

I'm reading a book entitled The Gnostics by Andrew Phillip Smith. It's more about the foundations of the movement, but gets into great detail about the belief systems and methodology behind the mythology. In basic terms, Judaism and Christianity are worshipping an incredibly flawed God, an insane and blind God who became separated from the "godhead" and had no recollection of being part of anything; and so in its arrogance it created this world and us, and the "godhead" has been trying to save us from Ialdabaoth (the Old Testament and Hebrew God). I'm using the word "godhead" out of convenience because it is a huge oversimplification of "it."

Anyway. It's a good read. Did you know Jesus taught gnosticism?

EDIT: I couldn't let that stand as it is. Mythology was important to the Gnostics, inasmuch as they used the Bible to invert lessons and tell truths about the human condition. Another myth they turn around is that of Adam and Eve. In one of their versions, the serpent is not the Devil. The serpent is from the godhead and instructs Eve to eat of the Tree of Gnosis, Knowledge, and they become aware of their plight in this existence, thus, naked to the knowledge imparted to them. I couldn't just leave obvious bait out there...

I'm going to have to actually post about something meaningful in the next few days, but so much is chaotic and grim at the moment that I don't even have time to process it. And my frozen pizza is almost ready. So there's that, too.
Tags: books, christianity, confusion, faith, gnosticism, gnostics, judaism
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