starless (starless) wrote,

Poland to Tim's

So, I'm going to skip all of the obvious jokes.

I'm going to skip some of the hilarity I've seen on /int/.

All I'm going to ask is:

Didn't the Gov of Poland have precautions, guidelines, even laws in place to prevent the sort of thing from happening that just happened? The U.S. does; I'm sure Canada does. It's a simple concept; don't put your entire government together on one plane. Anything can happen.

It's a tragedy. It is. I'm not making light of it, but I just have to wonder what was happening at the time that safeguards and logic seemed to be absent.

From what I've read, Lech Kaczyński was a great leader. Of course, I'm only reading about him now, and few people would actually mention negatives at this point. It just boggles my mind.


Hey, Tim Horton's, when I ask for coffee, I'm not actually asking for a cup of coffee-flavored cream. You use a push-button... how do you mess that up??\


I just got over a terrible cold. Or flu. I don't know, but I was in bed most of last week if I wasn't at work.


And, yeah, not much to say.
Tags: bored, cannot into air, cannot into space, coffee, cold, flu, poland, tim horton's
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