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I'm in a strange mood today. I drank a bottle of wine last night, so I'm a tiny bit hungover, but I'm in a ridiculously energetic and good mood today.

So, this morning at Tim Horton's, I got into a fight with a dude. He was south asian. Basically, he tried to jump the line, and I called him on it. The entire time I was trying to be beligerant it was hard not to laugh because he kept saying "SHUT UP" in his accent. No, I probably shouldn't laugh, but it was hilarious. "SHUH TUP!" "SHUH TUP!!" Of course, the rest of the queue was on my side, as well as the Timmy's employees who don't even ask me what I want any more, they just get my coffee ready for me.

So I walk away, and as I'm leaving Atari Teenage Riot starts playing on my iPod which was on random shuffle. How appropriate. He's probably lucky he didn't follow me to the bus stop while the revolutionary messages were being screamed into my ear over an industrial/hardcore beat. Ha.

And then, as I was thinking about the incident and still chuckling, this tall, blonde, gorgeous Russian woman who I see almost every day was walking toward me and staring. And then she gave me a coy little smile as she walked by.

Now, as I write this instead of ISOing all of my projects that transcoded over night, Alex is stopping at McDonald's for me for my hangover cure: Egg McMuffins and hash browns.

It's a good morning!
Tags: commute, good mood, random altercation, tall blonde russian woman, tim horton's, upswing
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