starless (starless) wrote,

408 Ridelle Ave

408 Ridelle Ave
Toronto, ON, M6B 1K4

Landlord: Mike
Works for Catherine HV/AC
(416) 270-0275

When renting from him he will offer you to stay an extra month in exchange for the security deposit. If you then find a place he will refuse to give you your security, thereby ensuring you pay 13 months of rent for 12 months.

Yes. This is what just happened to me. I moved in here July 1st, and I'm moving out July 1st. And he's refusing to give me back my security deposit.

And fuck me for trusting him, I didn't ask for receipts and he's got me by the balls. He just stole $600 from me and I can't do jack shit about it.
Tags: apartment, landlord, liars, rent, thieves
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