starless (starless) wrote,

TTC Bus Driver giggling on cell phone while driving full bus.

I wonder if TTC bus drivers should be talking on their mobile phones while driving one-handed with a full load of people. Here in Toronto, as far as I know, a cell phone law was just enacted on Dec. 1st that makes it illegal to be talking on a cell phone while driving. I'm not sure if they made an exception for hands-free. That doesn't really matter anyway, a driver is just as distracted using a hands-free device as he is when holding the phone to his face.

But I digress. If it's illegal for ONE driver to use a cell phone because he might harm himself or others, what about a bus driver who is driving a full bus of 30-40 people around in a vehicle roughly the size of an 18 wheeler? And there are no seatbelts in busses...

I know. TTC is unionized and as such you have to practically kill someone to get fired, but... what about driving a bus with one hand in rush hour traffic?????? That has the potential to kill 30-40 people plus whomever they smash the bus into.

This was around 6:30pm on December 3rd on Sheppard Ave West. I was picked up at the Chesswood stop, heading east toward Downsview station. The driver was on the phone from the moment the doors opened until we pulled into Downsview Station where she promptly put the phone away. It didn't seem like an emergency, either... she was giggling, chatting, and gossiping like a teenage girl after school.

I hope a TTC supervisor comes across this post. They're unionized, too, so... it probably wouldn't do a damned bit of good anyway.
Tags: bus drivers, busses, cell phones, negligence, public transit, ttc
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